BBE Sonic Maximizer

BBE_sonic_maximizerIt is our belief that in a system approach towards having great sounding playback in audio, mechanisms have to be built into the system to allow the system to compensate, or to blend together, for room acoustics, component voicing, personal taste and matching issues.

The system has to be intuitive and easy to use. Multiband room EQ, both in the digital and analog domain, need not apply. It has to be able to adapt to all different types of connections and conditions.

ADAM Audio speakers system, with their built-in room compensation filters, is one aspect of our system. The other tool which we find extremely useful is the BBE Sonic Maximizer (882i).

Standard BBE 882i

Based on a BBE patented signal processing algorithm, the BBE Sonic Maximizer is able to correct bass and treble phase and attenuation issues. These issues are very important in hi-fi audio reproductions and yet are very difficult to solve in real-life situations. Best of all, the correction and adjustments are done in a very intuitive manner.

**For more information about BBE Sonic Maximizer works, please visit the BBE website.

Of all the hardware BBE Maximizer offers, we focus on the BBE 882i model. This model, in our view, has the best performance among all the models and is adaptable for all applications.

We have further enhanced the BBE 882i with our modifications, to bring them to state-of-the-art levels.

For more information, please take a look at our BBE modification link.